Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is blogging getting in the way?

I found an interesting rant from Robin Hobb about blogging. There's also John Scalzi's response to it. I have to say I agree with both of them. And I particularly liked Scalzi's comparison of blogging to "empty calories". I can't say I do to much blogging here about my writing (maybe because I'm not writing much), but I do tend to blog a bit more on my video gaming blog. Oh well.

I've read blogs by people that don't know how to capitalize words or use punctuation at all. Those people, I'm sure, just fire out whatever is on the top of their head when they sit down to write. For me I like to put some thought into it. I come up with ideas I might want to blog about and even think of how I'm going to structure whatever I'm posting. Blogging correctly (with proper punctuation and all) if just as important to me as if I was writing a story. I may not be perfect at it but hopefully it makes sense. You can be the judge of that.

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