Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Same blog . . . new title

Okay I think I've finally come up with a more original title for this blog than "Life of a Writer Girl". In order to be a "writer gril" I would have to be writing, which unfortunately, I'm not. So the new title (until I possibly come up with an even better one) is "Writing Excuses". Why?

Because I've found recently that I spend more time coming up with excuses of why I'm NOT writing than I do actual writing. And coming up with excuses for not writing and then writing those down doesn't actually count as real writing, in my opinion. I must admit that I didn't come up with this flash of brilliance all on my own. I was reading Brandon Sanderson's blog and he mentioned that him and some writer friends are starting a podcast called Writing Excuses. And I thought "What a brilliant name".

So there you have it. Until further notice (or until another strok of creative genius by me or sparked by someone else) the new title will be Writing Exceses. If Brandon has any problems with that I'll change it back. I just thought I should have a title more suited to whatever writing habits I have.

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