Friday, December 21, 2007

Title's matter to me

I'm still tweaking the site here so bear with me as things might change around day to day. One of the things I had a hard time with was the title.

Titles mean something to me. Well, d'oh. Of course they mean something. But it's more than that. A title sums up the whole book/site/whatever. Just like a person's name.

I hated my name when I was younger. For some reason people couldn't figure out how to say it. It don't think it's that hard, but then I've been living with it for some time. The spelling is just a little bit different than what you normally see it as and I've always felt I needed to explain that. Whatever.

Looking at the title of this blog and my gamer blog you wouldn't' think I had a hard time coming up with something. I wanted something clever and funny. A pun or a metaphor. Something a true lover of words and stories would instantly recognize and understand. Some of my more brilliant ideas were already used here at Blogspot and that just made me mad.

Why? Because these were blogs that haven't been updated for years. It wasn't uncommon to type in a blog name that I wanted to use only to find the last post made to it was back in 2002. I mean, come on people! If you're not going to use it just delete the thing so someone else can use the name. It's not like it means anything to you anyway because you haven't updated it for five years!

Yes, I'm abandoning my LiveJournel blog on writing, but that's because I don't like the formatting system used there. Here's it's much easier and streamlined. Once I've saved everything I want to from there I will delete it entirely and someone else can be free to use that link name if they want. I don't have a problem with that. Maybe Blogspot should purge blogs that haven't been posted to in over 3 years or something. I even found blogs that were created but NO posts were ever made.

Why do people do that? Maybe they forgot. Maybe they're just lazy. Maybe they created the thing in a drunken stupor and have no clue what they did. Maybe people think they've got something to say but when it comes right down to it they really don't. Is that what this world's really coming to? On one hand I hope not, but on the other hand I do. But that's a topic for a post some other day.

In my search of cool blog names I did come across a couple of names that are still being used today. I'll keep my eye on them and maybe add them to my links so you can check them out.

In the mean time stay tuned for more from me. I may not entirely like the title of this blog for it's lack of originality but I've got lots to say and I'm not affraid to do so. This is one blog that isn't going away. Although if I find a better title I might change it.

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